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Sports and Fitness Marketing Solutions

Today, your prospects have an incredible amount of information about Health, Fitness, Sports, and Performance at their fingertips. How do you break through and attract them to your facilities, inspire them to try your programs, and enroll?  

Once they are a part of your organization, your gym your club, how do you keep them engaged and committed and create loyal advocates? 

Our Sports and Fitness Marketing Solution helps you to reach your objectives, from creating awareness of your programs to enrollment to retention.

Set Clear Business Goals

Every new enrollee has a value to your bottom line and every member lost impacts your business as well. Your Marketing Campaigns will be designed to deliver the financial returns to your business to justify your investment. You should be able to quantify your expected outcomes for your campaigns so that you can continue to make the right strategic investments to improve results over time. Your goals should focus on 1. New enrollees 2. Profit per member 3. Member Attrition Costs.

Build Clear Customer Profiles

Engage new prospects and your current members based on what you know about them. Recognize their individual demographic and know their needs, behaviors, and interests so that you can be more relevant when you engage them. Your Customer Profiles should also be aligned with your business goals.

Connect with your ideal Clients Where they are

Engage your buyers across all channels with relevant real-time messages. Your members have dreams, goals, desires that they constantly share and communicate with friends and family. Be apart of their conversations and help them to be apart of your communications across multiple channels. Leverage and integrate: Email Marketing, Social Media, Facebook Ads, Video, Website Experience, Mobile Marketing, Progress Trackers and more to drive deeper long-term relationships and commitments with your members.

Increase Profitability with Additional Opportunities and Income Streams:

Deliver Online Training, Infomation, Products and additional up-grades and cross-sells that your customers are demanding. Many of your clients are looking for an edge and finding it outside of your offerings. Our marketing solutions will help you to identify these opportunities and provide the best vehicles to meet your client's needs. We will leverage tactics like: Online Training, Mobile Marketing, E-commerce, Webinars, Affiliate Programs, Discounted & Secured Online Payment Plans, and more to increase your profits and drive even deeper relationships with your buyers.

Optimize Your ROI

Maximize your marketing efforts and your budget by focusing on the most effective tactics and eliminating the least productive ones. With our program analytics and testing, you can track your marketing efforts all the way to your bottom line.

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