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Align Your Social Media Marketing with your entire Marketing Strategy and Your Bottom LIne

There is a rapid rise and prevalence of social media in our culture today. Almost 2.5 billion people in the world are active social media users chatting, liking, recommending and engaging about everything in their lives including their buying decisions. If you are not apart of this conversation, th you risk losing out when their buying decisions are made. Social Media Marketing is no longer an option. Not only does it need to be done. It needs to be done well to drive the business results you need. 

Start with Clear goals and objectives for your Social Media Strategy

Knowing and understanding the four pillars of your Social Media Strategy and your business goals will enable you to determine the best Social Platforms to use, the best tools, the frequency of communication, social media goals and much more. Here are your Four Social Media Pillars: 

1. Social Listening:(Click for more)

Manage your company’s reputation
Increase retention
Reduce refunds
Identify product gaps
Identify content gaps

Social Networking: (click for More)

Peer to Peer
Media Mentions
Strategic Partnerships

2. Social Leadership and Influence:
(click for more)

Increase engagement
Increase website traffic
Increase offer awareness
Grow Your Retargeting Lists

Social Media Selling ( Click for More)

Generate Leads
Cross Sell
Increase Buyer Frequency
Initial Customer Acquisition

Once you understand the four areas of Social Media Marketing, you can more effectively establish goals for each and build a strategy that goes beyond just being on Social Media networks to one that maximizes the effectiveness of these powerful platforms for your business.

Know Your Targeted Personas

Identifying your audience will help you to engage in a more individualized conversation with each customer. You will need to know who they are, what they care about, what their challenges are and what they like to do in each channel. Your knowledge of your customers will enable you to better tailor your content to their needs and behaviors.

Engage Your Customers Across Their Preferred Social Media Platforms

The social media platforms you choose will be the ones where your buyers are. You must always keep your audience and your business objectives in mind as you decide which social media platforms to focus on. As you assess the social media choices, the key is knowing each platform’s features and capabilities so that you can determine which ones align with your goals. Your communications with buyers will be integrated into each platform along with your website, email, mobile, sales process to ensure a cohesive overarching strategy. As always, our goal is not just to post information to these sites; the goal is to engage and build relationships with your audience that drive value to you and your customers.

Focus on Social Channels that Drive Results

Identify and track key metrics to see what platforms are most effective and what content works best in meeting your goals.
Continuously monitoring your key metrics will drive the areas that you scale for success to get the best ROI.

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