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Improving Awareness of your Products and Services,Converting Prospects to Customers, Increasing Product Trials and Closing more sales are the keys to your growth engine. Your buyers are more informed than ever and 90% of the times make their opinions and decide what to buy before interacting with your sales team. They are also more demanding than ever and if you plan on keeping them long term you must meet their demands. Our Sales Growth Solution enables you to build a marketing funnel that attracts more buyers and nurture them so that your sales team can more effectively close sales.

Identify Growth Target Personas

Identifying a detailed profile of your audience will help you to engage in a more individualized conversation with each customer. You will need to know who they are, what they care about, what their challenges are. Your knowledge of your customers will enable you to better tailor your content and your products to their needs and behaviors.

Develop Top-Of-Funnel Activities to Drive Awareness of your Products and Services

Your Targeted Growth Prospects are more empowered than ever before, and they actively research their options before buying. Your ability to Leverage tactics like; blogs, Social Media, Social Media ads, white papers, videos and more to provide the content your customers need to form their decision, will enable you to connect with these buyers earlier in their decision making process and increase their awareness of your offerings.

Improve Your Middle-of-Funnel Activities to Provide Value First

Your goal in the middle of your sales growth funnel is to convert prospects into leads and customers. They may not be ready to buy from you at this stage, but you can provide “Value” to them and increase your probabilities. Here You can leverage tactics like; Email Marketing, Educational Resources, Webinars and Events to provide a value and a service to your prospects.

Drive more Prospects to the Bottom of Your Funnel and Prepare them for Sales Team

The goal at The Bottom of Your Sales Growth Funnel is to create as many sales-ready leads for your sales team to close. Here you can leverage tactics like; Demos, Free/Discounted Trials, Mini Classes, Webinars, Events and more to identify and deliver more leads that are ready to buy.

Measure and Optimize your Automated Marketing Programs

Use analytics, milestones, A/B testing to quickly determine how each of your Sales Growth tactics is performing and their impact on your revenue; adjust and optimize the winners to meet your sales and revenue goals.

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