Lead Generation

The Evolution of Lead Generation 

To Grow your business successfully, you will have have a lead generation system in place that consistently attracts more customers, nurtures them through the buying cycle, and converts them to customers ready for your products and services.

The Game Changer

Lead Generation has changed dramatically over the last few years due in large part to the abundance of information online and on social media. This growth of the internet has led to new ways to more effectively engage your audience on these channels to identify, develop and qualify leads before moving them onto sales.

Set Clear Business Goals and Objectives for your Lead Generation System

Your Lead generation campaigns will be designed to deliver the financial returns to your business to justify your investment. You should be able to quantify your expected outcomes for your campaigns so that you can continue to make the right strategic investments to improve results over time.

Identify Your Customer Personas

Your first step will be to create your ideal buyer personas. Your business goals, customer demographics, behaviors, motivations, and challenges will determine your Client Personas.

Create Your Lead Generation Plan (Creating Your Lead Generation Funnel)

Stage 1: Increasing Customer Awareness of your Offerings and Driving Prospects to your Business 

More than ever before, your buyers are empowered and informed. 90% of all purchasing decisions start online. To add to that challenge, these customers are estimated to be 65 to 90 percent of their way through their buying decision before they contact a vendor. Your ability to attract the buyer's attention and create demand for your products and services across multiple channels as early as possible in the buying decision will determine the success of your business.
Your lead generation system will not only have to increase brand awareness, but it will also build relationships, generate the right leads and enable you to close more profitable sales/deals.

Some tactics in the first Stage of your Lead Generation may include:

  • Social Media Paid Advertising
  • Articles
  • Blog Posts
  • Videos
  • Webinars
  • Whitepapers
  • Cheat Sheets
  • Checklists
  • Ebooks
  • Infographics
  • Surveys

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In The Awareness Stage of your Lead Generation, POWR Digital marketing will work with you to develop a strategic game plan designed to engage prospects and to make them aware of your product or service and determine if they are ready to buy or not. Most prospects at this point will not be ready to buy so we will partner with you to create or provide the informational and educational materials through the right channels. The goals of this stage are to gather names for as potential buyers. Your database, engage them overtime with meaningful interacts and qualifying these prospects 

Stage 2. Converting Prospects into Leads (Lead Nurturing).

Your prospects will be classified as Leads and moved on to Stage 2 after they have displayed buying behavior, and they have engaged with your content. Your offers at this juncture will primarily be educational information about your products and services. Once qualified as a lead, your Power Digital Marketing Success Representative forwards the lead to your sales team or you. Remember, your potential customers are not all the same and some are going to buy earlier in the cycle than other. You need a game plan to convert them when they are ready or risk losing most of your leads. If the Lead is not ready to buy, we will continue to nurture them until they are willing.

Stage 2 Tactics may include:

  • Email Marketing 
  • Promotional Webinars 
  • Educational Resources 
  • Software Downloads 
  • Discount/coupon Club 
  • Quiz/Survey 
  • Events 

Stage 3: End of Funnel 

This stage is The buying phase of your system. Along with your ability to sell your value-add and close deals, you may consider trials, discounts, and other tactics consistent with your business objectives.

Some Common Tactics depending on industry may include:

  • Phone Calls 
  • Free Trial 
  • Tryouts 
  • Event
  • Face to Face
  • Discounts
  • Rewards
  • Mini-Class

Testing, Optimization, and Metrics

Your Lead Generation Plan Started with clear goals and milestones. We will continuously test and optimize every aspect of your plan to help to ensure that you maximize your ROI by reducing or eliminating the losers and maximizing the profit drivers. Identifying: 

What will we Measure?
When will we Measure?
How will we Measure?

You will have full transparency of your plan, and you will ensure that your marketing and sales are aligned.

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