Customer Base Marketing

 Develop an engagement Plan Across Channels to
deepen customer relationships over time

It can cost between 5 to 10 times more to attract a new customer than to keep and sell to your current customer base.
Twice as many businesses focus on acquiring new customers vs. retaining and growing their own. How do you keep your existing customers happy,
improve their advocacy and increase their profitability to your bottom line? Expand your relationship with your clients and identify
the right complementary products to market to them with our Customer Base Marketing Solution.

Sell More to Existing Customers

Using your customer data, identify opportunities to expand your current offerings by cross-selling and up-selling your products and services. Identify new or repackaged offerings to meet the expressed needs of your customers. Leverage email marketing, Social Media, Your site, mobile, along with your traditional marketing to increase awareness and increase the utilization of your products and services.

Set Clear Growth Goals and Objectives for your Existing Customers

Customer Base Marketing Campaigns will be designed to deliver the financial returns to your business to justify your additional investment. You should be able to quantify your expected growth for your campaigns so that you can continue to make the right strategic investments in your other offerings to meet your growth goals.

Engage Customers with Ongoing Conversation

Driving long-term value and growth with your customer base means that you engage with them across channels and provide value to them. Your ability to listen to what your customers are saying, behaviors, interests are critical. By engaging with them on multiple platforms you will be in the best position to provide the products and services that they need, and the best product and services that drive your growth.  

Aligning your offerings, upsells and cross-sells with your customer’s expressed needs allows you to close more sales. Place additional investments towards your winners, and track your performance to ensure that your Customer Marketing Plan meet your financial objectives.

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