Facebook Ad Management

2 Billion People Use Facebook every month. Having a Facebook profile with regular updates is a
major step in building your audience and engaging with your customers. To take full advantage of Facebook’s large user base
and precisely target your ideal clients, however, paid advertising is a must.

Setting Clear Objectives

Your Facebook advertising objectives must be clear and completely aligned with your overall marketing strategy and your business goals and objectives

Define Your Target Audience

Your knowledge of your client's age, location, demographics, behaviors enables Facebook ads to do what they do more efficiently than any other advertising option. Get your message to your target audience with precision.

Strategic Ad Placement Across Facebook’s Platforms

The name of the game is reaching your buyers where they are. Facebook allows you to run ads across Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network, and Messenger; on mobile and desktop. These ad placement options allow you to grow your reach and engage people on their favorite apps.

Optimizing Ad Formats

We can choose to use a single image, video, multiple images and videos in your ad. You can also decide to create a slideshow or Canvas Ad. There is no right answer. Your goals will drive our decisions, your audience and what our testing tells us is the right format for us to use to maximize your profits.   

Measure and Scale for Success

Like all social media advertising, with Facebook, you can prove or improve your FaceBook advertising ROI by tracking your results against clearly defined metrics. Your reports will allow you to identify what’s working and what’s not working. This will enable you to increase the scale of your most effective ads to grow your business.  

Your Prospects are On Facebook

2 Billion People
Use Facebook
Every Month

1 of 5 minutes
People in the US spend on mobile is
On Facebook or Instagram

500 million Instagram
Use the app each month

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